Jewelry Care

In order to keep your jewelry nice, it should be handled gently. We advise against taking the jewelry into the shower and exposing it to perfume, lotion, hairspray, etc. In order to maintain the shine of the jewelry, it should be kept in a closed bag or box.

We strongly advise against sleeping with your jewelry on.

Natural oxidizing: As silver, brass and other metals oxidize [darken] over time, it might be necessary to clean the jewelry. At the goldsmith, you can buy jewelry cleaner for silver and gold respectively. Follow the directions on the can. In the grocery store, you will find products for cleaning brass. Use a small brush or paint brush and a soft cloth. Be aware that not all pearls and stones tolerate jewelry cleaner. Especially, it is recommended not to expose freshwater pearls to the cleaning fluid.

Brushed gold, silver and brass: If you have bought jewelry of brushed gold, silver or brass, you can brush it yourself. You may use a sponge scouring pad (like those used for cleaning). Brush the jewelry gently with the coarse side of the sponge (dry sponge) – but be careful not to bend or ruin the jewelry. Do NOT ever brush on gold-plated silver: You will wear down the gold-plating!

Oxidized silver: As described above, silver oxidizes naturally. But you can also choose actively to oxidize silver. If you have bought a completely black piece of silver jewelry, it is oxidized. As the oxidizing is just a surface, it will wear down in use, and, accordingly, the silver will become lighter, like when polishing it. At AMOKsmykker, you can have your jewelry re-oxidized at a small amount. You can also re-oxidize the jewelry yourself by using the above-mentioned Oxylen Oxide.

At AMOKsmykker, you can also have your jewelry brushed, cleaned and oxidized at a small amount.

Rens smykker med varmt vand og sæbe og børst med tandbørste. Brug evt. tandpasta, men pas på det kan ridse lidt.
Børstede smykker kan børstes med en tør skuresvamp eller files med en fil.
Læg staniol + salt + smykker i en skål, hæld kogende vand på, lad trække i 20 min. Tør af.